how to connect roomba to wifi?

Those planning to buy Roomba cleaners should think of the newer models in the market that have WiFi connectivity. This will be the best thing you would have done since WiFi connectivity enables scheduling of your cleaning sessions by the use of iRobot Home App remotely and control the robot appropriately.

Making a WiFi connection to any home appliance is such challenging as such. Herein if a clear guide to help in setting up your vacuum cleaner to a WiFi connection so that you can control it from any place you might be at any given time.

Ensure you buy the right model

Before you think of attempting this process, there is a need you have the right Roomba vacuum cleaner model in place. The product manual can guide you on whether the machine you have bought can be connected to an available WiFi network.

Be equipped with the right router.

You should know that these machines don’t work on other networks like, for instance, on the 5GHz. Ensure you either have a combo 2.4GHz/5GHz or 2.4GHz router. You won’t experience any difficulties in creating a connection since most routers these days support both these stated frequencies.

To schedule and control your cleaner remotely, there is a need you have in place the iRobot Home app with you. This can be acquired freely from both Android phones and iPhones. There is need you to have either Android 4.4 or something hire than that or iOS 9 and higher.

It’s time to make the connection and its home base.

o set up the connection, there is a need for the machine to be on first. You need to set up first the home base before you continue and connect the Roomba machine.

The home base should be placed near a power source of a flat surface, and somewhere there is better coverage of WiFi. Ensure there is no obstacle at the sides or in front of the home base. The home base shouldn’t be placed on a rug or near the stairs. Follow by plugging in your home base to your power supply.

Follow the process by turning over your cleaner and get off any plastic tabs or wrapping. Next, place your cleaner on the base where charging takes place and ensure it is on. For new cleaners, they will get charged fully within a few hours, but then, for WiFi connectivity, it can be done immediately.

Connecting the machine to WiFi

On your phone, fire up the connecting app. This will follow by the welcoming screen prompting you to enter the language and country and accept their terms. You can sign up an account in the next screen if you don’t have one or go ahead to login with an existing one.

After doing this, make a selection of your Roomba device and wait to be taken through the necessary setup procedure.

The iRobot Home app will detect the network automatically, and you will be asked to confirm to show it’s the connection you need to use. You will be directed to write the WiFi name and the password. Now, follow up to make a connection to the Roomba machine

Follow by simultaneously pressing the target and home buttons for a few seconds till you hear a tone and let a flashing green network to be displayed. The robot will make an automatic connection with the iRobot Home app and wait to be alerted if there have been a successful connection.