how to connect roomba to alexa?

how to connect roomba to alexa

We are always involved in busy schedules, making us remain with little or no time at all to handle some home chores like vacuuming. With different inventions and innovations taking place these days, vacuum cleaners have been invented to help us clean our houses without us getting involved too much to such tasks. It can be something best, seeing a small robot cleaning our house while just relaxed watching your favorite movie.

Technology has gone wide, and you can now control the Roomba vacuum cleaners right from your phone through the iRobot Home app. This app allows Roomba vacuum cleaner users to create different cleaning schedules, customize it, and also control workability of the machine.

But then, for all these to be fulfilled, the Roomba machine you have should have the wireless capability so that it can freely make connection to available Wi-Fi connection. In case operations from your smartphone seem a lot of work, then you can consider getting an Alexa to help you do it. This device can be instructed to direct your Roomba cleaning machine to start making cleaning duties.

Connecting your Roomba vacuum cleaner to Alexa

There is a need to create a link between these two devices so as the Alexa instructs your Roomba vacuum cleaner. You need to start by connecting your Roomba vacuum cleaner to a Wi-Fi connection. You need to bear in mind that these vacuum cleaner models connect only to 2.4 GHz WiFi.

You can follow up connecting your vacuum cleaner to Alexa once it’s connected to a stable WiFi connection. Below are some steps to follow for this;

In case you have an iRobot Home app, you need to log into it directly and if you lack then follow by creating one. Follow by coming up by some commands or set of instructions for your vacuum cleaner like for instance ask the Roomba vacuum cleaner to get back to its original start station or Alexa ask the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning your house and other commands you will wish to issue it. You can come up with any command and get your vacuum cleaner do all you want to it to do at any given time.

There can be a direct communication between your Roomba vacuum cleaner and the Alexa since the two are connected to Wi-Fi. In case you want to locate your Roomba vacuum cleaner at any time, make use of Alexa to ask the vacuum cleaner where it is located, and you will immediately get a response of this.

You will at all never get any issue locating your Roomba cleaner to do what you need at any given time as long as the Alexa device recognizes all the available voice commands. You should know right that wrong commands will make it does not provide any response to your commands.

The Alexa only follows issued commands in a fashion that is orderly in away. For instance, if your vacuum cleaner is cleaning and that you issue a command to Alexa to get the machine to dock, then be sure that this won’t dock at all. The device will finish cleaning and then follow by docking.

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