how to tell if roomba is charging

how to tell if roomba is charging

A Roomba is mainly a succession of autonomous vacuum cleaners that are robotic. These vacuum cleaners are sold by iRobot and came into existence in the September of 2002. They feature a set of basic sensors help it in the navigation of the floor area in a home and cleaning it. The Roomba sensors are able to detect the presence of deterrence and dirty spots while performing its work.

Roombas are usually charged before use. However, the experience one gets when he/she starts the Roomba and finds out that it has not been charged is considered to be much frustrating and annoying at the same time. Most people love Roomba because it offers convenience when cleaning surfaces and carpets. The problem with Roomba is that sometimes it becomes hard to tell whether it is charging or not.

How to determine if a Roomba is charging?

Roomba is usually powered by a rechargeable battery and it is important to recharge it after each cleaning process is completed. When a Roomba charger is plugged into a wall power outlet, the charge usually shows a green power indicator that is solid.

However, there are Roomba models which are charged via a home base. It’s considered normal for these Roomba models and the home base to have their light indicators off when charging. This is a result of the need to conserve energy when charging takes place. The charging indicator of the Roomba will light after it is plugged into the home base. But after some minutes, it usually goes off to conserve energy. The same goes for the home base itself.

To determine that the battery of the Roomba is being charged, one can press the CLEAN button on the Roomba once. The following are the possible observations and their indications;

  • The color of the power indicator will be green which will mean that the Roomba is fully charged
  • The color of the power indicator  will be pulsing amber which will mean that it is still charging
  • The color of the power indicator will be red which will mean that the Roomba is drained and needs charging

Nowadays, there is a new and convenient way that can be used to determine if a Roomba is charging. This involves the use of an app from iRobot. The app has been made available for modern versions of the Roomba such as the series of Roomba 900.

When using this app, one should look for the icon of a battery that is located on the upper right corner. This icon usually shows the status of the battery at that particular moment. When the Roomba battery is being charged, the CLEAN screen will indicate ‘charging’ on it.

On the other hand, when the Roomba battery has been charged fully, the CLEAN screen will indicate ‘Ready to clean. Fully charged.’ This will mean that the Roomba is good to go for a fresh cleaning cycle.

In case your Roomba is not able to charge, it is recommended for one to check if there is power in the home base or if the charging contacts have dust. At times, using the wrong battery or a problem with the power source will make the robot not to charge or even turn on.

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